On “Trunews,” televangelist Rodney Howard Browne spoke with host Rick Wiles on Wednesday about President Trump and his challenges. According to Howard Browne, Democrats and Republicans are undermining the newly minted president. “I’m glad I’m not president, there would be people arrested for high treason right as we speak,” he said, “arrested because they are undermining America.”
Howard Browne asserted that progressives are planning on a “American Spring” where there will be “millions of people rioting.” While in 2014, Tea Party conservative activists launched an “American Spring” protest against Barack Obama, there were no associated riots. Since Trump’s inauguration, groups associated with the left have rioted on several college campuses and demonstrations, while town hall meetings organized by Republican members of Congress have been targeted by direct action by leftists.
Howard Browne said that Trump is facing curses and attacks from witches. According to the televangelist, this is proof that “the hand of God is upon him.” Wiles interjected, “God is shielding that man and none of their witchcraft and sorcery is going to work.” 
Occultists are indeed planning obscure rituals in their efforts to unsettle the presidency. witches and occultists “in a number of magical groups” are announcing plans for a ritual designed to “bind Donald Trump and all who abet him.” On Twitter, they are organizing under the hashtags "#BindTrump" and "#MagicalResistance."
On Facebook, one group of occultists is planning a ritual for March 12. A statement on the Facebook page read:
“We have a full moon coming up on March 12 and I would like to suggest that we do a ritual to bring truth in DC to light. I am hearing on the news right now that AG Sessions lied under oath during his hearing in DC about whether he had meetings with any Russian official. He met with the Russian Ambassador twice and he didn't tell the Senate about that. A ritual to bring out the truth will help get rid of some of the Trumpanzees in the government.”
The statement referred to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself on Thursday from any investigations in the political campaigns of 2016.
On March 24, occultists appeared on the street outside Trump Tower in Manhattan to perform one of their bizarre rituals. At the stroke of midnight, a group of them burned photos of Trump along with orange candles. It was part of a larger protest to cast so-called “binding” spells to prevent Trump from causing harm.



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