Authorities of Somalia and Kenya see common threat in Al-Shabaab terrorists

The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and the Kenyan government now say the Al Shabaab terrorist organization constitutes a common enemy and have agreed to evolve a common security strategy to combat the threat. This emerged from a meeting between  the President of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Sheikh Shariff, and  the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula on October 18 in Mogadishu, Somalia. 

The meeting, convened against the backdrop of the growing spate of armed attacks by the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab on Kenya, also included Mohammed Yusuf Haji, Minister of State for Defence of the Republic of Kenya.

Based on the discussion, the two sides agreed to continue working together to stabilize Somalia and to stamp out the threats of the Al Shabaab elements, especially terrorism, piracy, abductions, extortion, ransom demands and other international crimes, a press statement from the Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. They also agreed to cooperate in security and military operations in the Lower Juba regions of Somalia and to undertake coordinated pre-emptive action in pursuit of armed elements that continue to threaten and attack both countries.

They pledged enhanced cooperation and coordination and reaffirmed their commitment to work together in urging the international community to consider the recommendations and decisions of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development and the African Union relative to strengthening the Peace Support Operation in Somalia. The two countries also expressed their determination to strengthen cooperation among communities living along the common border.

Both reaffirmed their obligations to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of both countries from internal and external threats. The President of Somalia reaffirmed the commitment of the TFG to fully implement the Kampala Accord of June 9, 2011. Meanwhile according to BBC, Kenyan troops with aerial support are continuing their advance into Somalia towards a town 120 kilometres (75 miles) from its border held by Al-Shabab militants.


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