A clerk in an Atlanta-area liquor store defended himself in a wild gunfight with a 22-year-old robber. A graphic surveillance video recorded the scene on the evening of February 14, when the masked and hooded suspect entered Happy’s Package Store and jumped over the counter to confront the clerk. 
Unwittingly, the armed suspect was confronting a man who was also armed and willing to defend himself. Clerk Alwyn Noronha clerk said that during a brief struggle, the suspect fired at least twice. The clerk then responded in kind, causing the suspect to flee. Speaking to WSB-TV, the clerk said, “The next thing I know he started to fire. He shot twice. I shot back. I got him.”
The suspect has been identified as Emmanuel Henry. Police had three active warrants for his arrest for similar crimes in the area.
After being struck by the clerk’s bullets, the suspect fled the store and ran for about 150 feet before collapsing. First responders arrived and took him to Grady Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds. Henry suffered three gunshot wounds. Noronha was not injured.
Police released the surveillance video today. 
Happy’s Package Store is located on Rockbridge Road in DeKalb County, Georgia. 
According to the local Fox News affiliate, Noronha did not want anything like this to happen. “I didn't want to take a life, even though people say it was justified. I reacted instinctively and in self-defense, but it is very unfortunate I wish it had never happened.”



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