A Catholic priest in Tripoli, Libya, was attacked by armed men on March 2. This was the latest in a growing number of attacks on Christians in Libya. In Benghazi last week, a group of armed men attacked a church in Benghazi and assaulted two priests of the Egyptian Coptic community.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry strongly condemning the incident as "contrary to the laws," of Islam and international law.
But, a few days earlier,  between 50 and 100 Copts were arrested in the capital of Cyrenaica province and charged with proselytizing. Thanks to the intervention of the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs and of the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli, the group of Copts in Egypt was expelled and accusations of proselytism were withdrawn. Under Muslim religious law, anyone accused of being a proselytizer may suffer the death penalty
Earlier, on February 13, four Protestant Christians of different nationalities were arrested on charges of proselytism. A source told the Fides news service, "The situation is not good for Christians both in Tripoli and Benghazi".


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