Giulio Perrone, an Italian mobster who has been a fugitive since 1998, was tracked down on Facebook and arrested. Perrone had been living in Mexico under a false identity -- Saverio Garcia Galiero -- in Tampico in the state of Tamaulipas -- but was behind bars on March 11.
Perrone is 64 years old and had been on the run for nearly ten years after his attorneys failed to win a final appeal against sentence of 22 years in prison. He had been convicted for his involvement in the notorious Italian criminal organization known as the Camora and in international drug trafficking. He is a native of Gragnano -- a town near Naples that is renowned for its pasta. He was involved with the Mazzarella, Nuvoletta, Formicola, and Tolomelli narco clans.
Perrone and his wife were arrested in 1993 while attempting to import 35 pounds of cocaine. He disappeared in 1994. His whereabouts were unknown until police saw him in a photo of Facebook apparently lounging in the sun on a beach in Mexico. Even while police did not reveal exactly how they managed to find his photo on Facebook, it is likely that they were conducting surveillance of the online activities of his criminal associates, or found a photo by using image-recognition software.
He was a prominent figure in the drug trade in Italy back in the 1980s and early 1990s and had supplied wholesale narcotics to the Camorra criminal organization. In Mexico, Perrone remarried and had Mexican children. He was arrested at his home in Ciudad Madero in northeastern Mexico and turned over to Italian authorities. No formal extradition was necessary because he was an illegal immigrant in the country. On March 9, he arrived in Rome to face his sentence. 
The state of Tamaulipas is on the route used by narcoterrorist organizations such as the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel to ferry drugs and illegal aliens into the US. 



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