Police in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, say that Chelsea Guerra (21) was posing in the nude in front of businesses at the Miracle Mile Shopping Center for a photographer, Michael Warnock (64). According to police, Warnock -- who is a student at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania -- was wearing only thigh-high black stockings and high heel shoes at the suburban strip mall near Pittsburgh during daylight hours. 
Police say that Warnock hired young Guerra after placing an ad on Craigslist for a nude model. Guerra now stands charged with indecent exposure. Warnock is charged with criminal solicitation, criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct, and possession of controlled substances. The incident occurred on April 8. The pair will face a court on June 19. She was seen being led in the nude to a waiting police car, along with photographer Warnock.
Guerra told WTAE television news she has been modeling since the age of 18 in order to pay for her studies. She is studying journalism and public relations. Guerra earns approximately $700. "I want to make it clear that I'm a nude model. People pay me to photograph me. That's it. There's no insinuation, no devious acts," she said on Tuesday. She hope to earn $300 for posing.
Police searched Warnock, who was found to be carrying two different sedatives in his pockets when officers confronted him. While comments on social media contend that Guerra was hoping to score some drugs, she responded that she was not aware of Warnock’s drugs but would have been more cautious about him if she had known about them.
The strip mall was especially on the day of the arrest because of seasonable weather. A crowd gathered around Guerra and Warnock to watch, but some people complained. There were complaints that children saw Guerra nude. Guerra said that she did not intend to be offensive. While recognizing that there is a law against indecent exposure, she said nude modeling has given her power to do what she likes. “I feel empowered to be nude. I'm not ashamed to be nude. I feel most beautiful when I'm nude."
Guerra has asked people to judge her based on her professional work, which is available through her Twitter page.



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