In an online discussion on the Reddit website, Fox News’ prime-time news host, Tucker Carlson, answered questions from followers of President-elect Donald Trump. Carlson replaced the departing Megyn Kelly in the slot this week, easily outdistancing both MSNBC and CNN on his January 9 debut. He is known for his acerbic wit while questioning the tactics and motivation of Trump’s opponents. Carlson gave evidence that he, like many other observers of politics, was surprised by the results of November 8.
Online today, Carlson was asked by Reddit readers for his perspective on Trump’s electoral victory. A reader asked, “What were your thoughts on what the outcome of the election would be heading into November 8th?” Carlson responded, “A year ago I thought Trump had a solid chance of winning, mostly because he had the most compelling message. In fact he may have been the only candidate who had any message at all. The closer we got to the election, though, the muddier my view became. By election night, I'd mostly bought into the conventional belief that he'd have a tough time winning. Lesson: the truth isn't always in the details. Take three steps back. The perspective is clearer from there.” 
Regarding media coverage during and after the election, Carlson was pointed in his criticism of two rival networks: CNN and MSM. He was asked, “Given its abysmally low approval rating, what can the MSM do to regain the American public's trust?” Carlson fired back: “Stop lying.” He was also asked about Trump’s January 11, in which the president-elect confronted members of the media for publishing lurid, unsubstantiated claims about him. In the news conference, Trump refused to take questions from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, telling him that his network is “fake news.”
Carlson commented, “Acosta was rude. Trump rose to it. I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange.”

Below is the full January 10 news conference. The exchange between President-elect Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta starts at 46:44 minutes.



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