Indiana man charged with assault after beating an elementary school coach

Violence on the part of the parents of school athletes has raised concerns in several communities in the U.S. An Indiana man has been arrested on charges that he assaulted an assistant basketball coach at a Catholic school in Michigan City. On March 7, Shelly S. Miller (37) is alleged to have approached Jeffrey Yackus and punched him. When Yackus was thrown to the ground by the force of the blow, Miller is alleged to have continued to beat the coach into unconsciousness. Robert Johnson, lead basketball coach at St. Stanislaus Kotska School, stopped Miller who then fled the scene. Yackus was taken to Franciscan/St. Anthony Health hospital for treatment of  a concussion.

Miller was arrested on March 9, following an investigation and bond was set at $15,000. He is father of a student at the elementary school. According to various reports, Miller arrived at the school after his daughter and another girl had argued during a basketball practice and had been required to run laps inside the school's gymnasium. He is now facing felony battery charges for the assault following a hearing on March 12 at LaPorte Superior Court in the northern Indiana city.

St. Stanislaus Kotska parish was founded in 1891and has been a mainstay of Polish immigrants to the area.

 In Springfield, Massachusetts, Timonthy Lee Forbes (34) allegedly attacked the coach of a youth basketball team, then bit off part of his ear, after his son's team lost a Friday night game on March 9. The severed portion of the coach's ear was reattached at a local hospital. Forbes now faces felony mayhem and other charges. The attack occurred at Holy Name School. Forbes’ son was on the losing side in the Catholic Youth Organization finals, when Forbes pére punched the winning coach and chomped on his ear, according to local prosecutors. Children at the game, ranging in age from 10 to 12, who had been on the court to shake hands in a conciliatory gesture were were knocked to the floor and left crying after the incident. Before police officers could arrive, Forbes bugged out.

The Western Massachusetts CYO Basketball League declared it was "stunned by this act against one of our most dedicated coaches" and that the violence was a novelty at their games. Forbes has since turned himself in, but pleaded not guilty in a Springfield courthouse on March 12, on charges of disorderly conduct, assault and battery, felony mayhem and others. While Forbes has no prior criminal records, according to legal counsel, he will face the court later this week to determine if he is a public threat should he be released on bail. 

In an unrelated case of adult misbehavior, another Massachusetts father was recently ejected from a girl's hockey game for directing the beam of a laser pointer into the eyes of players on the opposing team.

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