A group of students at Ohio State University denounced campus police in the wake of the terrorist attack by a Somali student at the Columbus campus. A Muslim man from Somalia who was a student at OSU, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, rammed students with his car and then stabbed others, wounding 11 in all. Within minutes, his November 29 attack was halted when Officer Alan Horujko shot him to death.
The OSU Coalition for Black Liberation subsequently held a rally on campus, denouncing police who have killed black males, including the dead terrorist.
Speaking on Fox News today on "Outnumbered," Meghan McCain reacted by saying that she feels as though she is in a "tornado of crazy." Besides the group of students mentioned above, McCain said that faculty members also expressed sympathy for Artan. Spero News reported at the time that Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson went to Facebook to decry students who had posted photographs of the dead terrorist, calling on them to show sympathy for him. Thompson wrote: "I pray you find compassion for his life, as troubled as it clearly was."
McCain asked, "What about the compassion for the students who were stabbed?" Fox News host Kennedy noted that Artan, who had pledged his support of the Islamic State before carrying out the attack, used two means of maiming or killing fellow students. Officer Horujko was the only person on hand that could stop Artan's use of deadly force at the time, she said. "If one of these activists were relatives of one of the people who were attacked, you really want the police officer to stand down and let the terrorist finish and take people's lives?" she asked. "It is so incredibly insane and incompetent. And that is the most toxic combination we have on college campuses."
On the Facebook page for the OSU Coalition for Black Liberation, the group expresses its "solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement," while seeking to "organize the OSU community against racial discrimination and police/vigilante violence." The group is calling for the "creation of a civilian review board to oversee police action."



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