It is a cause for concern that most of the media has accepted without criticism the secularists' contention that support for "gay marriage" puts them on "the right side of history." It seems that this same ethical argument was used by those who became collaborators of Hitler and his Nazis. The "scientific" evolutionary theories that proclaim the survival of the fittest and that might makes right were used to justify their adapting to and adopting the premises proclaimed by American eugenicists and the Nazis of Germany, even to the point of supporting the murder of those labeled by Third Reich as unwanted, unfit, or racially inferior.
In a similar way, the proponents of "gay marriage"seem to be saying that any opposition to the current trends of power politics and history is to be treated as intrinsically hateful, unethical and intolerant.  Interestingly, history itself has shown this contention to be false over and over again. How many African-Americans seemed to be "on the wrong side of history" when they were being oppressed, tortured and killed by the powerful elite? Yet they courageously persevered in witnessing to the fact that truth, rather than political power and terror, is the only reliable point of reference for historical progress.
Ultimately, only those truths that respect the God-given dignity of each human being will be the standards, by which we will be held accountable before God on Judgment Day.
And with regard to "gay marriage", it seems that this judicial imposition is not only on the wrong side of history, it is also on the wrong side of science. There will not be many more years of history for our nation as long as our judiciary and its political cronies insist that the pro-active promotion of abortion, contraception, sterilization and homosexuality is the best way to, as the Preamble of the Constitution states it, "secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity".
How can the blessings of liberty be preserved for our posterity, when an activist plurality continues to impose on us leaders, who  go so far as to declare that pregnancy should be viewed and treated as a preventable disease? If, as they so vehemently assert, our children begin life as preventable diseases and then, if allowed to be born, become part of a population explosion, what future does our nation have? In addition, with most of our children being subjected to this same same distorted thinking in their "family life education" classes, how can we expect them to develop a healthy sense of their true dignity as God's children?
How long will it take for these perversely indoctrinated children to begin to wonder whether they have any real purpose in life. Are they to view themselves merely as the unintended result of unprotected sex, whose very existence is now "polluting"  our planet? Such questions will definitely  not promote among our posterity the development a healthy and hopeful self-esteem. Nor will they promote healthy and trusting relationships, which are essential for any civilization to prosper.
Thus it is that, contrary to the arguments presented by judicial mandates and supported by the expediency of politicians seeking to enrich themselves and their cronies, the people of our nation will not be able to prosper for long by continuing to callously consign our posterity either to death by abortion or to the economic slavery that will be required to pay off our ever-increasing astronomical national debt.
The seriousness of this whole issue was illustrated by support received by President Barack Obama in 2008, even after he strongly asserted at a meeting of Planned Parenthood that, if one of his daughters were to become pregnant out of wedlock, he would not want her to be "punished with a child". In view of the fact that currently, over 70% of African-American children born in America are conceived out of wedlock, would it be correct to assume that he also considers them to be punishments inflicted on their mothers?
At the risk of being labeled a "racist" for disagreeing with Obama, I must assert that it is wrong to allege that such children are merely punishments for failure to practice "safe sex". Even if denied the sacred right to be conceived as the fruit of marital love, each child is still sacred and called in a unique way to help God to sanctify the world by his/her presence among us.
Sadly, those who persist in denying this truth will ultimately find themselves not only on the wrong side of history, but also on the wrong side of Christ on Judgment Day.
 May God, in His gracious mercy, deliver us from such perverted thinking and from the cruelty it continues to foster in our midst.
Spero columnist Rev. Thomas Collins is a Catholic priest who serves the people of Virginia. 



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