Fort Hood shooter is dead

At least one person is dead and 14 wounded in the April 2 shooting at Ft Hood TX. This is the same military installation where a terrorist attack claimed the lives of 13 in 2009.

UPDATE: In the unfolding story, it has emerged that Army Spec. Ivan Lopez is the alleged shooter. Four persons are now reported dead.
The Fort Hood army base in Texas is on lock down status following a deadly shooting on April 2. Authorities confirm that at least one person is dead, while as many as 14 have been wounded. The alleged perpetrator remained at large after the incident. A statement released by the military confirmed the incident. ”There has been a shooting at Fort Hood and injuries are reported,” the statement said. The Washington Post confirmed the single death, even while the name of the deceased has not yet been released.  As of 7:30 PM local time, authorities on the base confirmed that the alleged shooter is now dead.
UPDATE: As of 7:40 PM local time in Texas, the shooter in the Fort Hood incident is alleged to be Army Spec. Ivan Lopez. Four persons, according to the Washington Post, are reportedly dead.  
An official at Fort Hood, David Ross, said that Fort Hood is completely sealed while the search for the perpetrator was underway. Said Ross, “There is a confirmed shooting that occurred,” who added, “We’re still trying to identify what we have.” An official speaking for the Bell County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the shooter was at large but could not confirm the number of killed or wounded.
The shooting is believed to have occurred at or near the Medical Brigade Building. There are also reports that there were shots fired, and victims, at the Battle Simulation Center on the base. 
Fort Hood’s Web site and Twitter account are urging base personnel to take shelter in place immediately. The base is where Major Nidal Hisan, a disgruntled Muslim  and Army physician, took the lives of 13 people and wounded 32 in a one-man Muslim terrorist attack in 2009. This was the worst mass murder ever to have occurred at a U.S. military installation. He was sentenced to death in 2013 after being found guilty of premeditated and attempted premeditated murder.
The Bell County Sheriff’s Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have begun an investigation. 
Fort Hood is home to several U.S. Army units:
III Corps
First Army Division West
1st Cavalry Division
36th Engineer Brigade
13th Sustainment Command.
3d Cavalry Regiment
41st Fires Brigade
504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade
89th Military Police Brigade
1st Medical Brigade
Operational Test Command
13th Financial Management Center
407 Army Field Support Brigade
48th Chemical Brigade
69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
57th and 62nd Expeditionary Signal Battalions

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