Two employees of Bangor Public Schools of Michigan have been reprimanded following the release of an amateur video that recorded a lewd conversation and game at a local bar. Released on February 13 on YouTube, the video captured serveral teachers and school employees playing the MFK – “marry, f***, kill” –  game, in which they considered who they would prefer to wed, or kill, or have sex with. A patron from several tables away at the Bangor Tavern Bar and Grill recorded the loud conversation on Jan. 13, according to WZZM television reports.
The school employees described several Bangor students, some of whom are handicapped. Outraged parents crowded at a meeting of the Bangor school board on the evening of February 13 and demanded answers. While members of the board explained that they had investigated the video last month, they initially did not want to take questions about the video. 
Representing the school district was attorney Robert Huber. After holding a school board session that was closed to the public, he discussed how the Bangor Public Schools has chosen to take action.
The secretary fo the superintendant of schools, Patti Waite, resigned her position on the morning of February 13. School administrators then issued reprimands in writing to two teachers and verbally reprimanded four others, attorney Huber told parents.
WOOD News reported that Amanda Reprogal, the mother of a special-needs student, said “I’m angry. I’m livid. Disgusted,” and added that the teachers involved “got to go.”
Other parents and citizens are calling for the teachers to be fired. However, other than Patti Waite, the school district has not yet named any of the other employees involved in the matter. 
Attorney Huber told parents that no student was named in the controversial video. “You can’t point anywhere on that video where the teachers were talking about students,” he said. “We made our best assessment based on the facts and reasonable minds can differ about things.”
According to WOOD News, Jennifer Prentice received the video from a friend and posted it to YouTube. “It’s disturbing to know that these are our educators,” she told WXMI. “They are in charge of protecting our children, keeping our children safe, and the fact that they just blew that out of the water shows their character and shows that maybe they’re not right for this job.”
Bangor Police Chief Tommy Simpson told WZZM that he did not see anything criminal about the video and said that it was a staff member who filed a complaint because she felt threatened about the video. 
Huber said that while the two teachers are now suspended and in probation, he advised concerned parents against pursuing criminal charges. He claimed that the school system will be monitoring the teachers. 
In 2014, Bangor Public Schools received a "C" rating for educational attainment from the State of Michigan.



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