A professor of philosophy is suspected of carrying a violent attack on Saturday that resulted in injury to a supporter of President Trump. Violence roiled the campus of the University of California-Berkeley when leftist protesters grappled with supporters of President Trump. At least 20 persons were arrested and others are being sought by police for involvement in violent assaults.
The protest began on Saturday morning at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park and spread onto city streets, involving over 200 people. Leftists had chosen April 15 to launch protests nationwide to demand that Trump should release his current federal tax returns.
Amateur video of the melee captured an attack on a Trump supporter on April 15 who was bludgeoned and injured in the head by a masked assailant. The assailant allegedly struck the Trump supporter in the head with a bike lock, resulting in injuries that required a visit to an emergency room for stitches. According to the 4chan website, the assailant has been identified as Eric Clanton, a former San Francisco State University Professor, who currently teaches philosophy at Diablo Valley College.
Establishment media provided far more coverage of an assault on a leftist young woman that day who, because of her tangled hair, has been dubbed “Moldy Locks.” Video showed that Louise Rosealma was struck by an assailant during rioting on Saturday in Berkeley.

Leftist “Antifa” radicals have been evident at other events, participating in violent assaults and property damage. On Inauguration Day in Washington DC, Antifa protesters incinerated a private vehicle and caused other property damages.

In the case of Prof. Clanton, his Twitter page has been deleted. However, photographs and social media posts relating to the professor have been collected at the 4chan /pol/ board to lend credence to accusations against him. For example, a profile in his name at the okCupid dating website describes himself thus: “I spend a lot of time thinking about REVOLUTION." According to descriptions at the website for San Francisco State University, Clanton has given lectures to high school students on ethics. 
While police have arrested other protesters on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and other felony offenses, no arrest has been reported in Clanton’s case. Police seized numerous banned articles, including wooden dowels, sticks, and poles. Also seized were an axe handle, knives, a stun gun, mace, pepper spray, bear spray, and a metal container filled with concrete. Participants wore helmets and covered their faces, wielding fists and skateboards to attack or defend themselves. 
A gang of demonstrators dressed in black were seen kicking a man wearing U.S.-flag-patterned pants who had fallen to the ground. 



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