"Saturday Night Live" comic Kenan Thompson and Chance the Rapper told viewers in a skit that this Christmas could be "the very last Christmas," urging them to enjoy the very last days of President Barack Obama's administration. They sang a song entitled "Jingle Barack": "It's been a dope eight years but now we got one last Christmas with Barack Obama."
Singing the praises of Obama, the pair of entertainers urged illegal immigrants to cross the border, homosexuals should marry, and anyone with a medical problem to access Obamacare -- the Affordable Care Act -- as soon as possible. 
Suggesting a proximate apocalypse, they sang "Kids enjoy the presents while you can. Next year you might get a bomb from Iran."  Their ditty also tackled the meeting Donald Trump had with rapper/designer Kanye West had last week. Suggesting that the meeting induced Obama to take up cigarette smoking again, the duo sang, "Even Kanye is endorsing him. Got Obama back smoking Newports again," while suggesting that Obama will be the last black president. 
However, earlier this year, West signaled his interest in running for the presidency.



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