Host Jesse Watters said on Fox News’ “The Five” that Hillary Clinton is hatching conspiracy theories while blaming others for her electoral defeat at the hands of Donald Trump. Chairing “The Five,” Watters said, "Hillary is behaving exactly how Trump was going to behave if he lost." Watters said on Wednesday's broadcast, "[She's] hatching conspiracy theories, saying the system is 'rigged', blaming the media and blaming her own party."
Juan Williams said on the show that he recently interviewed former Vice President Joe Biden. He opined that Biden is popular and be a good presidential candidate among white working-class people, and that “Biden does not think that Hillary Clinton was a great candidate and thinks that he has an ability to do something that is so critical to the Democrats now which is to reach out to working-class white Americans and remind them that the Democrats are their party and not this populist ideologue Trump.”
In the discussion, host Kimberly Guilfoyle said in response to news that Biden has formed a PAC in advance of a presidential run in 2020, that if Hillary Clinton had had the interests of the Democratic Party at heart, she would have supported Biden’s candidacy. 




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