The religious identity of colleges and universities of the United States that were originally founded on principles of the Catholic faith continue to be challenged. Numerous Catholic institutions of higher learning have gay student groups and also celebrate gay pride festivals.
According to John Ritchie of Tradition Family and Property, a group that advocates traditional Catholic values, "At least five Catholic universities have been hosting pro-homosexual drag shows on campus.  That number may sharply increase given the aggressive demands of the homosexual revolution.  In most cases, these annual events are designed to undermine Catholic moral teaching, normalize unnatural vice and erode the natural, God-made differences between man and woman."
Richie cited John Carroll University of Ohio, a Jesuit institution, for using student activity funds to pay for annual dress-up party for male transvestites. Students who do not agree with cross-dressing are not afforded the option of opting out of the event. Students who follow Church teachings are essentially forced to fund the annual drag show that features professional "drag queens."
At the University of San Diego, a performer came on stage dressed as Satan and lip-synced a song that calls good evil and evil good, according to Richie.
Here follows a list compiled by TFP of Catholic universities that drag shows:
Georgetown University
At the Washington DC campus, Georgetown University Pride hosted its ninth annual Georgetown Drag Ball in April. Known as GenderFunk, the drag event is promoted as "a fun night of dancing and Drag performances: it provides a safe space on campus to be gender nonconforming and demonstrates that more Georgetown students are becoming increasingly comfortable with challenging their gender expression."
Gonzaga University
A Gonzaga University student group called "HERO" sponsored a series of pro-homosexual events on campus, including "DRAG tabling" and a "bisexuality panel."  Held i April, the events were advertised on the official web site of the university and promoted via official email.
University of San Diego
In April, the University of San Diego hosted its third annual drag show.  University officials supported the event despite significant opposition. At least 14,500 people turned out to protest against the event. It was there that a cross-dressing performer mocked good and extolled evil.  
Seattle University
Seattle University, run by the Jesuits, held its 8th annual drag show on March 14.  Once again, the event undermined Catholic moral teaching and was a cause of grave scandal.  The insistent plea of young faithful Catholics calling for its cancelation fell on deaf ears. 
John Carroll University
John Carroll University has hosted a year drag show on campus for the last nine years.  The  2013 drag show was funded with money from student fees, including those who protested against the event. Fr. Jayme Stayer, S.J., after attending the drag show, gave a thumbs up and said “I thought the drag show was tame, sober and rather sweet.  What was considered outrageous in the 1970s and ’80s has become so domesticated that folks hardly raise an eyebrow nowadays."
Other Catholic universities have also hosted drag shows in the past.  They include:
Boston College
College of St. Benedict (CSB) and St. John’s University (SJU)
College of Saint Rose
LeMoyne College
Loyola University Chicago
St. John Fisher College
Santa Clara University



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