Gay French leader denounces gay marriage

"I am French, I'm gay. Most homosexuals do not want marriage or adoption."  So said Nathalie Willencourt, the founder of Homovox, a group that advocates the rights of homosexuals. Contrary to the claims of the secular media, Willencourt believes that most homosexuals, including herself, want neither marriage nor the adoption of children and thus disagree with the bill President François Hollande says he will sign that would normalize homosexual marriage. In an interview with Tempi – an Italian website – Willencourt said, “A homosexual couple is different from a heterosexual couple because of the following simple detail: we do not create life.”

Williencourt  stated "I'm French, I'm gay. Most gays do not want or marriage, or adoption of children, and especially not want to be treated the same as heterosexuals because we are different. We do not want equality, but we do want justice.”
The outspoken Willencourt said "We believe that children have the right to have a father and a mother, possibly biological, and who possibly love each other. A child born as the fruit of the love of a father and mother has the right to know this. If homosexual couples adopt children who are deprived of their biological parents, then (the children) would be without a father and mother for the second time. "
"Heterosexual couples are waiting years to adopt a child, and there is a risk that many countries will not allow any more adoptions by France if this bill is passed. Countries such as China and others in Asia have procedures to exclude same-sex couples. "
"Peace is built upon the family and to have peace in the family it’s necessary to provide the most natural and secure example to children as they grow and become adults. That is, the classical composition of a man and woman.”
Williencourt complained that “…in France we (Homovox) are criticized. One always hears the LGBT activist lobby in the media, but the greater part of homosexuals are upset that this organization is lobbying in our name. We did not vote for them to represent us.”
She explained that members of the homosexual lobby are insecure as to their homosexuality, “because they do not accept it, they demand to be like the heterosexuals. Instead of this, our movement demands that homosexuals be treated differently than heterosexuals because we are different.”
“We cannot demand equality for situations that are different. It is not equality that is important, but justice. There is just inequality and unjust equality.”
Homovox is an association representing the majority of homosexuals in France. The association was one of the organizations that marched in the streets of Paris on January 13 along with nearly one million other people in defense of traditional marriage. 

Spero News editor Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America. He is also a freelance translator.


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