Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky (R) tweeted in response to the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas and scolded political opportunists for seeking to make political points with the tragedy. He tweeted “To all those political opportunists who are seizing on the tragedy in Las Vegas to call for more gun regulations: You can’t regulate evil.” A 64-year-old man identified as Stephen Paddock is reportedly the shooter who took the lives of at least 58 people during a night-time country-music concert in Las Vegas on Sunday. More than 500 people were wounded by the gunfire. President Donald Trump decried the shootings as “pure evil” while praising the quick response time by police.

Gun rights critics were quick to associate the mass murder with their position on the Second Amendment. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) directed himself at Bevin, tweeting ironically that he was expecting the governor to “rescind Kentucky’s law banning assault, murder and arson.”

Other critics included Hillary Clinton, who tweeted: “The Crow fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.”

Journalist Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post schooled the former secretary of state about noise suppressors on firearms, noting that even with a silencer an AR-15 would sound like “a jackhammer” when fired. Video and audio of the incident in Las Vegas recorded apparent automatic fire by the perpetrator of which AR-15-style rifles are sometimes capable.

Shannon Watts, who is affiliated with the progressive Rise to Run organization and founder of the anti-gun Moms Demand tweeted that citizens “must talk about America’s gun violence crisis.”


A woman who identified as a teacher tweeted that she hoped only "Trumptards" were among the victims of the mass shooting.

Richard Dawkins, a renowned scientist who is an outspoken atheist tweeted: "Every country has its psychopaths. In the United States, they have guns."

Tariq Nasheed, who gives advice about dating and sexuality, sought to connect the shooting to white supremacy.



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