Jay Sekulow, who represents President Donald Trump and is also chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, explained a revelation found among the 413 pages of documents released by the Department of Justice. Following a Freedom of Information Act request that ACLJ made last year, DOJ released documents relating to the June 27, 2016 tarmac meeting of Bill Clinton with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Phoenix.

Not only did those documents show that journalists for establishment media outlets such as The New York Times appeared to be reluctant to cover the meeting, which came during the midst of the presidential campaign, they showed that there were email exchanges between the FBI and the DOJ, and the DOJ and the White House, regarding the controversial meeting, said Sekulow.

"We do know that this reached the FBI, the Department of Justice. At the Department of Justice, went as high as the attorney general. At the FBI, at least to the chief of staff to [then-FBI Director] James Comey," Sekulow said on Fox News. "And we now have an email that goes from the Department of Justice to the White House, to the press secretary there."

Sekulow revealed that one of the individuals named in the batch of emails is Paige Herwig, who was a counselor to AG Lynch. Herwig is now a leading attorney for Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is currently investigating Lynch. The documents are heavily blacked-out, Sekulow noted, including "talking points" to be used in response to press queries about the Clinton/Lynch meeting.

The ACLJ plans to go back to court to demand unredacted documents, which Sekulow believes will be granted because there is no basis on which the documents should have been redacted in the first place. Sekulow said, "Then we're going to take all this information and hand it over in a chronology to the Senate Judiciary Committee, who iss conducting the investigation." 



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