In an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace, President Barack Obama praised himself for supposedly eliminating more terrorists over less than a year than any other president. “There isn't a president who has taken more terrorists off the field than me in the last seven and a half years," Obama said.
"I'm the guy who calls the family or meets with them or tries to comfort a mom or a dad or a husband or a kid after a terrorist attack. Let's be very clear about how much I prioritize that," Obama said in an interview that was aired today.
In a separate interview with The Atlantic magazine, Obama pooh-poohed American’s concerns about terrorism, saying that more Americans more likely to die from bath tub  falls than from attacks by terrorists.
The chief executive was criticized for taking in a baseball game with Cuban dictator Raul Castro when news came of the deadly terrorist attacks in Belgium last month that claimed the lives of four Americans as well as dozens of other travelers. He continues to maintain that eliminating ISIS terrorism is a priority. "It has been my view consistently — the object of terrorism in their minds is to induce panic, to induce fear, to get society to change who they are, and what I've tried to communicate is you can't change us," Obama said.



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