Fox News show host Tucker Carlson grilled Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) whether there is any place that is now safer due to gun control laws. In reply, Cuellar answered “no.” Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Cuellar said, “I think there are some people who believe in gun control — I don’t believe in gun control. I think you can have responsible people do the right thing with a gun but unfortunately sometimes you get a situation like this that it’s hard to explain but just taking guns away from everybody is not going to solve the issue.”

Tucker asked Cuellar, “Why do people keep saying that? Can you think of a single place in the United States that has become safe because of gun control?”

“No,” he flatly responded.

“Right,” Carlson agreed. “I don’t think anyone else can think of when either so why do people keep proposing it?”

Cuellar replied “there are some people just feel that guns are the problem but I think it’s a little bit more complicated than that.”

Australia's gun control laws are often held up by gun control advocates as an example for the US. Gun control advocates contend that there have been no mass shootings in Australia since 1996 and after strict laws were enforced. The government of Australia bought more than 96,000 confiscated firearms as part of new strictures on gun ownership. By comparison, there are an estimated 300 million firearms in the US.

However, despite Australia's gun laws, shootings are becoming more common. As of the end of 2016, there had been more than 125 people, mostly young men, wounded in the past five years in the city of Melbourne. Crimes associated with firearms more than doubled, reaching a fever pitch in March 2016 when there were two shootings a day for a week. A report by The Age newspaper found that there were 99 shootings in 20 months. Known criminals were caught with firearms 755 times in 2015, as compared to 143 times in 2011. Assault rifles and handguns are being smuggled into Australia via shipments of electronics and metal parts. An AK-47 assault rifle can be purchased illegally in Australia for $20,000. 




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