America and its cultural schizophrenia

Folsom Street Fair Wikipedia

Last Sunday, homosexuals paraded around naked in the streets of San Francisco at the annual Folsom Street Fair. There were no arrests. They did more than walk the streets nude—they beat each other with whips. The leather/fetish homosexuals led each other around like dogs with metal collars; they set up booths where visitors could get flogged; they sold hard-core pornography; they promoted BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism and masochism); they mutilated their bodies with metal spikes. And after promoting lethal sex acts—the kind that causes AIDS—they raised money for AIDS.

As always, the homosexuals mocked the Catholic clergy and religious. They dressed as cardinals, bishops, and nuns. There was even a group that disparaged the Jesuits, the “Society of Janus”; their specialty is BDSM. The anti-Catholic aspects of this grand exhibition of moral destitution are not hard to understand: the participants are in a constant state of rebellion against truth. It must also be said that they never mock any of the Protestant mainline denominations—what’s there to rebel against?
This is Nancy Pelosi’s district. It would have been great if the media had covered this event and then asked her to respond. They refused to do so.
In the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, it is considered a “boundary violation” for adults to sit too close to a child. But in San Francisco, the only “boundary violation” that counts is sitting naked at Friendly’s without a towel beneath one’s behind; it’s called the “skid mark law.” I’m not making this up [click here].
It has been evident for some time that this country suffers from an acute case of cultural schizophrenia: we endorse libertine norms and values while decrying their effects. It’s time we grew up.

William Donohue is president o
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