Paraguay demands justice from MERCOSUR countries


On September 14th, Paraguayan Foreign Minister José Félix Fernández Estigarribia under the instructions of the Paraguayan President, handed a formal diplomatic note of protest to representatives of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, reiterating again the staunch position of President Federico Franco’s government in protest against  “the decision [of MERCOSUR member countries] to suspend Paraguay from the MERCOSUR trade block, actions which proved to be in violation of the Ushuaia protocol, the obligations on the Democratic process.”
The decision to suspend Paraguay’s membership from MERCOSUR came on July 29th, at the Mendoza Summit meeting in Argentina, while at the same venue was announced the incorporation of Venezuela as a full member of MERCOSUR.
This note of protest is a diplomatic action taken by the Paraguayan Foreign Ministry in order to explain before the world the irregularities and arbitrary actions taken by the three MERCOSUR countries against Paraguay.
In this note, Asuncion has underlined the unjust and illegitimate suspension of Paraguay from being able to participate in various upcoming deliberations of MERCOSUR and therefore makes it impossible for the Paraguayan government to defend its economic interests, as well as secure its sovereign rights, pronounce any other claims before this South American trading block. Likewise, Paraguayan diplomacy and the National Congress have demonstrated their resolute decision against the admission of Venezuela as a full member of MERCOSUR
The Paraguayan government is making clear its legitimate rights as a sovereign nation, and calls upon Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, to restore Paraguay’s image before the world and refrain from causing further damage to the dignity of the Paraguayan nation.  President Federico Franco is prepared to request reparations from the three neighboring countries that have kept up a politically belligerent attitude against the current Paraguayan administration, causing further economic and commercial damages that directly affect the Paraguayan people.  
Spero columnist Peter M. Tase is an analyst of Latin American affairs, especially in the area of agricultural commodities.
Ed. note: On September 11, 2012, Mr. Tase facilitated a forum that was held at the University Club of Milwaukee. Appearing at the forum was the chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Blas Lanzoni Achinelli at the Paraguayan National Congress. Also at the forum was  Juan Pablo Fernandez,
an adviser on international affairs matters, as well as Paraguayan diplomats.
The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author only, not of Spero News.


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