Democrats blot out God


Last night, CNN’s Piers Morgan asked Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz why the Democrats excised the word “God” from its Platform. She dodged the question by saying, “We have a commitment through all faith traditions that our values are reflected in our policy. And that means that we should look out for the least of these, that we should fight for the middle class, that we should let everybody in America have an opportunity to be successful.”
To his credit, Morgan wasn’t buying it. “This is, somebody has deliberately taken out the word ‘God’ because it was in the last one,” he said. In response, Wasserman Schultz remarkably said, “I can assure you that no one has deliberately taken God out of the Platform.” Morgan pressed her again, “So it was an accident?” She refused to answer.
Yesterday, noting that the Democrats are not exactly religion-friendly, I commended them for their “honesty and transparency” in excising “God” from the Platform. I was too kind—they couldn’t get past the day without lying.
As if we needed more proof, on Monday the DNC’s Faith Council met for a morning session. Though thousands were already in Charlotte, a grand total of 150 showed up at the event. Did they discuss faith-based solutions to social problems, or the role of religion in public life? No. According to blogger Paul Stanley, they were fixated on such issues as voter suppression and affordable healthcare.
Had the Democratic faithful, disproportionately comprised of atheists and agnostics, known that the Faith Council wasn’t going to talk about God, they could have packed the house. 

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