On April 15, thousands of Democrats and progressives are due to hit the streets in demonstrations throughout the country. On the Facebook page for the Tax Day March in New York City, 13,000 are pledged to go and thousands more are interested. They are demanding that President Trump release his tax returns, while using the catchphrase “Show us your tax returns, you chicken.” In the City of Brotherly Love, Gwen Snyder of the progressive Philadelphia Jobs with Justice promised that the march in Philadelphia will feature a huge inflatable chicken, made in China that will be dressed to resemble Donald Trump.
Twenty-seven progressive are joining in the Tax Day marches in what they hope will be the biggest such protest since the Women’s March on Washington that befell the nation’s capital on the day after Trump’s inauguration. Progressives want not only to see Trump’s tax returns, but a reconfiguring of the national economy as well.
A former employee of Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid, Heather McGhee, said of their demands: “Our current tax system plays a central role in putting more and more wealth and power in the hands of Wall Street and billionaires, while starving our nation’s ability to invest in our people and our future.” She is currently the president of Demos, one of the progressive organizations involved in the Tax Day marches. “Now Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to make matters worse with even bigger tax cuts in favor of the wealthiest Americans,” McGhee said. “We demand that our leaders build a tax system that ensures that corporations and the wealthy finally pay their fair share and that generates the revenues necessary for our nation to thrive by investing in our shared public structures and in our people.”
Other groups involved include: Patriotic Millionaires, DailyKos, Change.org, Service Employees International Union, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance. The main protest is expected in Washington and will start at the Capitol Building and end up at the Old Post Office Building, which is now home to a Trump hotel and then to the headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service.



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