Sri Lanka: Bishops of Sri Lanka: showing the risen Christ to our leaders path of reconciliation

In his Easter message, Card. Malcolm Ranjith invites Catholics to respect and serve life, even where there are many signs of death. To create harmony and unity in the country, it is necessary to overcome the mistakes of the past, erase the injustice and recognize the pain of poor and needy.

Colombo - Healing the wounds of the past, and recognizing the many sorrows that afflict the poor and needy in Sri Lanka: in his Easter message this year, Card. Malcolm Ranjith, president of the Episcopal Conference, invites all the faithful to "pray that the Holy Spirit, the gift of the Risen Savior, guide our leaders and our people, to engage effectively and with determination in reconciliation, harmony and the unity of our country. " In the words of the Archbishop of Colombo, we must recognize the tensions that have recently crossed the country, following the approval of a UN resolution on alleged war crimes committed by the army and Tamil rebels during the ethnic conflict.

For Card. Ranjith, in today's society there are "abundant" signs of death: the increasing cost of living, which makes it difficult for the survival of ordinary people, the many victims of road accidents, because of dangerous roads, abuse and violence against women and children, and attempts to legalize abortion. In the midst of this, the cardinal calls on Catholics to "serve and respect life in all its forms", as John Paul II's encyclical Evangelium Vitae urges. And the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord is the "right time" to remember this evangelical task.

The cardinal eventually returned to the issue of reconciliation, that is the "biggest challenge" for Sri Lanka at this historic moment. "Our journey into the future requires us to be aware of the past, however painful it may have been, and erase the injustices, not to repeat the same mistakes. The Risen Christ makes this journey with us all. In these Easter celebrations, may we become aware of his living presence and join him in building the kingdom of God His Father. "


Source: Asia News


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