A video produced by undercover journalists working with  James O’Keefe of Project Veritas exposed a San Francisco teachers union official who admitted to striking a student. In the video, Antonio Mankini of San Francisco United Educators was heard in a video caught on a hidden camera telling a journalist about his experience hitting students.
O'Keefe introduced the video by saying that his group had exposed a "culture of culture and cover-up within the teacher's unions." 
One of two Project Veritas journalists  who went undercover posed as a friend of a teacher who hit a student,  while a second journalist posed as the teacher himself. When the teacher expressed guilt, Mankini told him not to worry because there was “no evidence.”
In the video Mankini is heard to say "I spent 17 years in law enforcement, so I know ways to...It's like a told them, I could hurt you and never leave a mark." Mankini admitted hitting a student: "I mean I clotheslined a kid in a class one time, you know, and of course I was pretending I was pointing at the kids and the kids saw the kid went down." Further on in the recording, Mankini is heard to say: "And that one still bothered me. That one, yeah, because I crossed the line. I know, I mean, I made it look like an accident and all the witnesses would have said no he ran into my arm."
Later on in the video, the union official appears to offer advice about avoiding detection and/or prosecution for assaulting students.


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