The Director of the Office of Management and Budget under the Trump Administration, Mick Mulvaney, said in an interview with Fox & Friends on Friday that blame for the recent deal President Donald Trump brokered this week with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling was actually to inaction on the part of Republicans. When he was asked by co-host Brian Kilmeade about the apparent decision by congressional Republicans to set aside their tax reform agenda, Mulvaney blamed Republicans for their apparent inability to fulfill their campaign promises.

Mulvaney said that Trump shares the frustration of the “ordinary Republican voter” saying:

"Put yourself in the shoes of just an ordinary Republican voter, a citizen, anybody who is concerned about the way this country is moving. We were told that we would have ObamaCare repeal and replace by now. We were told we would probably be finished with tax reform by now and even starting to talk about infrastructure. And yet here we are in the early part of September and they haven’t even repealed and replaced ObamaCare yet. That frustration is real. The President is a guy who is driven by results and driven by action and that’s not always the way Washington works. So I think you are seeing that frustration very reasonably percolate to the top.

In several tweets on Thursday, Trump signaled his frustration with Republican members of Congress over tax reform and fiscal issues, demanding tax reform before the end of September.





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