“Saturday Night Live” broadcast a hilarious spoof of progressivism outrage that expresses itself in nothing more effective than tweets and broadsides on social media. It featured comedian Louis C.K., who served as host of the April 8 edition. He plays a man called “Scott” who wants to fight for social justice, but only social media.
The practice has earned the sobriquet of "slacktivism."
The SNL short showed “Scott” as a passive couch potato who is motivated by the horrors he sees in news coverage by going to Twitter. A chorus made up the SNL serenades “Scott” with his praises:
He turned on the TV
What did he see?
Blood being spilled
War in the middle east
Refugees seek safety across the sea
But hundreds are drowning
Yearning to be free
He couldn’t sit by and do nothing
He had to act before it was too late
He shared an article on Facebook
And everything changed
Thank you, Scott!
You solved the problem
You brought the struggle to an end
By sharing that article 
with 84 Facebook friends.
You know why I love this dude, the most?
He tells me how to feel on top of his posts
Story about government stripping your rights got him pissed
And he cares, so he shares
And above writes, “Resist”


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Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat and the editor of Spero News.