Phil Donahue: Trump's 'really cute white girls'

entertainment | Jun 26, 2017 | By Martin Barillas

Former talk show host Phil Donahue told CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday that during the presidential campaign, candidate Donald Trump's rallies were “produced” to focus on “really cute white girls.”

 “He gets on the airplane, a big old airplane, flies anywhere in this country and four cars meet him, all black limousines," said Donahue. "He goes to the nearest, largest venue in that area and sells out. Not an empty seat. Walks in — this is fascinating me — the other night at his rally, there were four or five really cute white girls. There are black people at those rallies, but you got to look for them.”

Donahue went on to say, “It’s happening more and more. They’re being produced. These little girls are taking his picture. He turns around and faces them and they’re taking — then they’re showing —”

When asked if that could be a coincidence, Donahue added,”Oh come on. This is a brilliant management of a campaign that continues.”

The retired television personality, who dominated the airwaves before Oprah Winfrey, said in the rare interview that establishment media has gone wrong or bypassed the reasons for Trump's electoral victory. “I think the mainstream media, it’s Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump,” Donahue told host Brian Stelter. “They haven’t drilled down on why is he president? How did this happen? I think they’re going to discover, well, I think it’s already revealed. These are angry people.”

Donahue asserted that it was not actually 46 percent of the American electoral who pulled the lever for Trump -- his popular vote percentage — but really just 19 percent, when the number of people who did not vote is taken into account. “Apathy is killing us,” he said.

After saying that the so-called "resistance" to Trump is a “hell of a story,” Donahue asserted that the media is to be blamed for Trump's victory at the polls. He then referenced the now infamous "Access Hollywood" tape, which recorded a conversation Trump had with show host Billy Bush more than a decade ago that made a splash during the campaign. “We got Donald Trump because we let it happen. We didn’t vote. We were apathetic and we looked up and think now, holy cow, we got a — we got — I don’t want to say it. We got a P-U-S-S-Y grabber for president and we are appalled. We can’t figure this out. One of the reasons we did — we can’t figure it out is because elite media, as he would call it, failed us.”





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