Jewish Christmas movie marathon!

The acclaimed actor, comedian, and director of beloved films says it is okay for his fellow Jews to enjoy Christmas. Mel Brooks, known for films such as ‘Blazing Saddles’ ‘Young Frankenstein’ ‘Silent Movie’, is promoting ‘Oy! To the World’, which is billed as Christmas movie marathon for Jews. It airs on the Sundance network on Christmas Day. 
He recalled for Buzzfeed, “My late wife Anne [Bancroft] was Catholic, and we always had both Hanukkah and a wonderful Christmas tree.” Noting that he did not stint from celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah with his children, he said “I always thought it would be bad to deny a kid either … I think it’s wonderful that you can do both, especially if it’s a mixed family, or if it’s a Jewish family that just wants to enjoy this lovely, festive holiday.”

As to religious differences, Brooks claimed that religion only factors into the choices for gift wrapping. “I just change the wrapping,” Brooks said.  “The Christmas ones will be silver and red and green, and the Hanukkah ones will always be yellow and blue and white. And that’s just the way to do it

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