The well-architected and superbly executed chaos Tuesday in the Senate chamber of the Texas Capitol should concern every Texan, every American, and, indeed, every human.
The forces of evil demonstrated that they will use whatever means necessary to destroy our vision of America where every human life is understood to be sacred and deserving of the full protection of the law.
Our State Senate witnessed the latest eruption of a movement that is rapidly developing: a set of well-financed (George Soros, et al.) media tools and a growing network of angry Occupy zealots (organized and paid largely by Planned Parenthood) coalescing to transform America into the antithesis of the Founding Fathers’ vision.
Nature abhors a vacuum. Anarchy is actually an impossible condition. We will always have leaders in every circumstance and relationship. But who will lead? Who will establish order? And by what means? Will the elected leaders manifest the proper understanding of human nature and our God-given inalienable rights? Or will we be subjected to the tyranny of the mob that rejects and mocks Truth to leave only the rule of brute strength?
Will the light of a city on the hill envisioned by our Founders shine as a beacon, or will the pro-abortion Occupy Stormtroopers send us into a Hobbesian jungle of anarchy where our lives are poor, nasty, brutish, and short?
On the night of June 25, the forces of evil demonstrated that they will use whatever means necessary to destroy our vision of America. The angry mob likes the jungle.
Pro-Lifers (in Texas, the vast majority of our elected and appointed officials are Republicans) must start leading. The electorate expects definitive, positive outcomes, not a congeniality contest. We have chosen our elected leaders to preserve and strengthen our society and culture and promulgate our worldview where every human life is sacred and infinitely valuable.
Every human life is either intrinsically valuable or no human life has any worth. There can be no compromise on the goal. The methods are debatable, but not the end.
On June 27, Pro-Life hero Governor Perry called yet another Special Session to re-establish the rule of law, advance the agenda strongly embraced by the Texas electorate, protect the health of Texas women, and defend the lives of unborn Texans.
Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, and Speaker Straus must achieve dramatic victories during this second Special Session. If not, the Republican leadership will have demonstrated that they are neither Republican, nor leaders, nor worthy of our votes, and henceforward, that they will be cowed and defeated by a mob anytime and anywhere.
To quickly analyze what went wrong: On our side, there is plenty of blame to be placed on all parties for the complete, abject failure on the Life Issues in Austin.
To Sen. Wendy Davis, our adversaries at Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and all the forces of darkness: Congratulations. Bully for you!
However, the debacle in the Texas Senate might be the best wake up call ever, if we care to answer.
After witnessing first hand the tactics and frenzied passion of the angels of death, I will never be the same.
Now we must fight like there are going to be 77,000 tiny babies slaughtered in the womb this year in Texas. Because there are. 77,000. THIS is the silent holocaust.
We now need to dust ourselves off and march forward with a renewed determination to redouble our efforts and accept nothing less than complete victory and pay any price necessary.
This is Texas, the land of the Alamo. The time has come for us to again start acting like Texans.
On July 1, the Texas Senate will re-open to accomplish the people's business because of Governor Perry's bravery to stand up to the Occupy shock troops. 
Rick Graham is the executive director of Texas Right to Life.



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