Former U.S. Presidential Candidate Cain Still Has No Idea Who Uzbek President Is

Former Republican Party presidential candidate and all around colorful guy Herman Cain recently looked back at his campaign trail blunders. Cue the U-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan tape.

In Herman Cain’s view, the requirements for becoming president of the United States famously don’t include knowing the names of every sitting president in the world, especially not that of Islam Karimov, who has led Uzbekistan since the breakup of the Soviet Union:

The former Republican candidate for the White House ended his campaign in December, done in by a mushrooming scandal involving women who said they had had affairs with the married businessman.

But Cain's colorful style made him an endlessly entertaining candidate, if never a viable one. With his departure, the GOP's field of candidates lost its sense of humor.

But all these months later, one thing hasn't changed. Cain still doesn't know who the president of Uzbekistan is. Or, more accurately, he did know "at one point," but then he forgot.

Check out his recent appearance on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," at around the two-minute mark:

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Give the man points for honesty.

-- Heather Maher

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