The Nevada secretary of state has accused her state’s Department of Motor Vehicles of facilitating voter fraud and said she has evidence non-citizens voted in last year’s presidential election.
Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske (R) wrote a letter on Friday to Department of Motor Vehicles Director Terri Albertson that DMV workers had been facilitating voter fraud by accepting voting applications from non-Americans and forwarding them to the secretary of state’s office. Cegavske also claims that she has evidence that non-citizens voted in the 2016 presidential election. Reportedly, the White House is contemplating an investigation into the allegations.
Cegavske said in January that there she had no evidence of voter fraud in Nevada during the election, but did say then that she was aware of attempted fraud related to registration. That story has now changed. Cegavske’s deputy for southern Nevada, Gail Anderson, told the Nevada Independent, “There’s nothing else,” in reference to Cegavske’s letter to the DMV alleging voter fraud. “When we have information that can be provided, we certainly would do that.”
Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) said on Monday he “expects to hear more.” 
For his part, Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria told the Independent he was unaware of any voter fraud probe. Clark County is the most populous county in the state.
On Saturday, Nevada DMV director Albertson issued his own strongly-worded letter in response to Cegavske and said that her office had approved of his agency’s voter registration procedures. 
“Your letter comes as a complete surprise as you and your office have reviewed, contributed to, and approved the processes you are expressing concerns about,” wrote Albertson. DMV officials will flag suspect applications for review in order to determine voting eligibility, he added.
Gov. Sandoval appeared to be on the side of the DMV. “They were operating under the policies and guidelines,” Sandoval told the Independent, “that were adopted pursuant to input, review and approval of the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office.” 
Under the National Voter Registration Act, the DMV “cannot make determinations regarding voter eligibility” and must send voter registration applications to state election officials for a judgment, claimed the ACLU.
In November, Donald Trump as a candidate filed a lawsuit against Clark County Registrar Gloria and claimed that he had illegally kept polling places open two hours beyond closing time during early voting on the Saturday before Election Day. Trump’s lawyers asked for early vote ballots to not be “co-mingled or interspersed” with other ballots, according to CNN.
“The Registrar’s violations were not random and neutral in their effect, but very much appear to be intentionally coordinated with Democratic activists in order to skew the vote unlawfully in favor of Democratic candidates,” Trump’s lawyers said in the 100-page lawsuit. Gloria is a Republican.



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