A group that calls itself “Bikers for Trump” is planning to shield President-elect Donald Trump’s supporters at the January 20 Inauguration Day celebration from protesters. According to the founder of the group, Chris Cox, he and fellow bikers will ride their hogs to Washington, D.C., and attend the Friday inauguration. “In the event we are needed, we certainly will form a wall of meat,” Cox said.
"We are in no way, shape or form vigilantes," said Cox on Fox News. "We will have a presence during the presidential inauguration. We have full confidence in the metropolitan police department, the park police and the capitol police. We believe they have learned from mistakes that were made in Chicago and Arizona and we have the utmost confidence in them. But in the event that we are needed, we certainly will form a 'Wall of Meat.'"
Cox explained what a 'Wall of Meat' is:
“We'll be shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and we'll be toe-to-toe with anyone that is going to break through any police barriers, that is going to be assaulting women, spitting on them, throwing things at them. We are anticipating a peaceful transition of power. We have utmost support with the police. We are here to support Donald Trump.”
According to Cox, the group now has 200,000 members. It was founded one year ago. 
Bikers for Trump has a permit for what is believed to be the biggest pro-Trump rally by a private group in D.C. for the inauguration. Cox expects more than 5,000 bikers to attend.
In a statement on the group’s Facebook page, a statement pleaded for support. It stated that the Bikers for Trump have “have the only pro- Trump permits for the inauguration. Anti Trump groups have gobbled up all other areas and are actively preparing and advertising for people to join their effort to cause chaos and mayhem.”
The statement asked for donations of money, and assistance such as overnight security for motorcycles. It said that the group stood “toe to toe against black lives matters and shoulder to shoulder with law-enforcement at the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio.”
Thousands of protesters are expected to descend upon Washington this week. On January 21, a march organized by feminists is expected, while leftists are planning to shut down inauguration -related events such as balls and concerts.



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