Resigning in disgust, Customs and Border Protection agents are leaving in protest after being required to release minor illegal aliens who are known to be members of criminal gangs. In reports by various South Texas media, minors linked to criminal organizations such as Mara Salvatrucha of El Salvador – who are known to sport elaborate gang-affiliated tattoos – are being released within the U.S. on the condition that they will eventually appear before an immigration court, so long as they do not have a U.S. criminal record.
Chris Cabrera, who serves as vice president of the National Border Patrol Council (a union representing Border Patrol officers) described for television news reporters how the gang members are identified. “They are confirmed either by tattoos or by self admission,” said Cabrera. “But since they have no criminal record in the United States, and they happen to be minors, they’re reunited with their family in the U.S.”
Cabrera said that gang members have been released in South Texas. “We’ve seen a few. Not too many, but we’ve seen a few in the Rio Grande Valley.” In a report by National Review magazine, Cabrera said that Border Patrol agents are coming into contact with members of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) – one of the world’s most violent criminal organizations – which has influence ranging from Central America all the way to Canada and even to Spain. They are known to commit heinous acts of violence against the people of Central America, including rape, torture, dismemberment, and murder. The prisons of Central America are overcrowded with imprisoned members of these organizations.
Once the illegal aliens are picked up at the border by CBP, they are being fed, housed and provided tickets for bus tranportation to other parts of the country by CBP. In McAllen TX, charitable groups and churches are providing shelter for the illegal immigrants – many of whom are children who are accompanied by parents. Mayor pro Tem Hilda Salinas of McAllen told the InfoWars website that she understands most of the immigrants hail from Central America, especially El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. She said that she had not encountered young unaccompanied minors, even while some of them are older adolescents.

(Children in custody of U.S. immigration authorities)
Since federal facilities such as Lackland AFB in San Antonio TX are being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of illegal immigrants, some are being dropped off at local bus stations by federal authorities for local governments and charities to assist. Border Patrol agents are being placed in the uncustomary position of preparing meals and changing child diapers. Union representative Cabrera said that officers’ morale has been negative affected by the release of gang members and the stress of dealing with the numbers of illegal immigrants entering the Rio Grande Valley. Cabrera said that some agents are already looking for other jobs,” according to KRGV. “We all know that if you arrest and release, then the arrest is meaningless,” Cabrera said.
Some of the minors say that they are fleeing criminal violence in their home countries, said the mayor of McAllen, echoing reports that Central American governments appear to be unable to control the gangs that smuggle narcotics and human beings into the U.S. Cabrera said for his part that many of the illegal immigrants have been coached as to their responses to Border Patrol interrogations. “You ask them their name and where they’re from, they say that there is violence in my home country and they’ll kill me if you return me,” Cabrera stated. “I do believe there is violence in their home country, but I also believe that a lot of them have been coached.”
 Border Patrol agents have accused the Obama administration of aiding theadmission of illegal immigrants onto U.S. soil. In a statement released earlier this month, the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officer said, “This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes.”
State governments outside of the U.S./Mexico border region are eyeing the situation carefully. Following a tip, Spero News contacted Wolverine Human Services of Michigan to ask whether approximately 100 persons are to be brought from the border region and housed at a facility two hours north of Detroit. In an email response,  Wolverine spokesman Matthew Wollack said “Wolverine Human Services does not currently hold any type of contract with this type of population. Any further inquiries about the population should be directed to the office of immigration resettlement.”
Coincidently, on June 18 an advertisement appeared in the Flint Journal – a prominent Michigan daily – seeking applicants for “Youth Care Workers, Cooks and Transporters” with a “sincere desire to work with at-risk youth.” “Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred,” the classified ad declared. Wolverine Human Services is a respected residential treatment agency that provides assistance to the state in areas including drug rehabilitation and foster care.



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