Texas sheriff Tracy Murphree responded to the terrorist bombing in Manchester, England, and blamed that country’s gun laws for the violence. The Denton County sheriff posted remarks on Facebook, saying, “This is what happens when you disarm your citizens.” He wrote, “When you open your borders without the proper vetting. When you allow political correctness to dictate how you respond to an enemy that wants to kill you.”
“The left tells us we must submit and accept these radical beliefs and bend over backwards to make sure we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings,” the rant continued. “The left wants to cater to the very group that would kill every group they claim to support. Folks this is an enemy hell bent on killing you. Committed to forcing you to convert or die.”
“I’m sick of it. You better wake up America. While you are distracted by the media and the crying of the left, Islamic Jihadist are among us and want to kill you.”
In an interview with WFAA television news, Murphree explained his comments, saying “If we don’t defend this country, if we don’t take steps now to ensure our safety, there are folks, there are terrorists who want to kill us,” the sheriff insisted.
Speaking to WFAA on Tuesday, Murphree said, “I’m not going to be politically correct. I’m going to tell you what I believe is true. And yeah, as an American citizen, I do have a right to weigh in on national policy.”
The local chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations issued a statement, reading: “We call on Sheriff Murphree to reaffirm his pledge, and that of his officers, to serve and protect all Denton County residents regardless of their faith, ethnicity or national origin.”



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