Actor Alec Baldwin, who has revived his career with his appearances on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" where he impersonates President Donald Trump, revealed to Democrats assembled at a gala dinner in Iowa the advice he heard from Bill Clinton about the current president. Speaking at the Iowa Democratic Party’s 2017 Gala on Monday, Baldwin said, “At a fundraiser in New York a couple weeks ago I asked a wise man, a great party elder for some advice as to what I might convey to you all here tonight.”

Baldwin told the crowd, “Here’s what he said to me. He said," while impersonating Bill Clinton: "‘Alec you tell those folks in Iowa that we’ve got to get people to stop believing that impeaching this guy is the answer.’” 

Baldwin, posing as “Professor of Advanced Trumpology and Abnormal Psychology” at the now shuttered Trump University, joked about the fictional political science fiction course. He also made fun of “guest lecturers,” such as Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He called on Trump to apologize for calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) “Pocahontas” during a White House event honoring Navaho veterans of the Second World War. 

“I am ready to fight,” Baldwin told the assembled Democrats. “We’ve got party-building to do on a scale we’ve never known.” Baldwin proclaimed that he is “ready to fight to help the Democrats win.” He urged Democrats to “send Trump to a retirement home in Moscow where he belongs,” and  make "America America again.”



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