Landfill Harmonic: Taking in garbage and giving back music

entertainment | Apr 03, 2013 | By Martin Barillas

The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra consists of children who live in the slums near Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay.

With direction from a professional musician and friends, they make beautiful music with classical instruments made from scraps of lumber, tin cans, and refuse they find in a garbage dump.
They need help to not only make music, but to break the cycle of poverty in which they find themselves. Watch the video. I hope you will be inspired to give them the help they need.
While the Landfill Harmonic (a.k.a. Recycled Orchestra) provides a pithy quote, "The world send us garbage. We give back music," what they also give is an example of resilience and optimism. 
Having visited Paraguay recently as an invited guest speaker, I was moved by the fervent Christian faith I found there as well as the vibrancy, optimism, and youth of the Paraguayan people. Approximately 70 percent of Paraguayans are under the age of 30 and, like the children involved in the Landfill Harmonic, have a contagious hope for the future. A naturally friendly people, Paraguayans as a nation have the same quiet dignity that radiates from the faces of the children of the Landfill Harmonic.



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