No need to worry about pregnant women transmitting the Zika virus to their children—just kill the kids. That's the way the U.N. Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein sees it. Correction: Zeid is the "High" Commissioner.
Zeid wants restrictive abortion laws repealed. More than that, he is fuming over the notion that women are in charge of their bodies. They are not. Moreover, he smirks at the advice that women should delay getting pregnant. According to the High Commissioner such advice "ignores the reality that many women and girls simply cannot exercise control over whether or when or under what circumstances they become pregnant, especially in an environment where sexual violence is so common."
Here's some advice for Zeid. Number one, girls should not be getting pregnant, and it is his job to say so.
Second, women are not the powerless wimps that he says they are: they can, in almost all circumstances, control when to have sex and with whom.
Third, he needs to man-up and name those Latin American nations (those were the ones he was addressing) where rape is commonplace.
Fourth, killing innocent persons is never a morally acceptable remedy for any disease.
Fifth, he ought to be policing the U.N. instead of lecturing us about the wonders of abortion: just last week, the U.N. released a report on the out-of-control conditions in the Central African Republic where its own employees are raping women! So much for the U.N. championing the rights of women.



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