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Hedge Prayer for Return of Wayward Person

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Hedge Prayer for Return of Wayward Person

    [The Prayer of Hosea is one of the most powerful prayers in the arsenal of spiritual warfare -- the Hedge Prayer. Hosea had a wife who was committing adultery and running around on him. Hosea was convinced that he not divorce her but to pray for her return. This prayer is particularly useful in praying for a wayward spouse, child, or friend who has gone astray from the Faith and from God, has left to lead an improper life, and/or is estranged from the proper relationship they should have with you.

    It should be noted, as it is with all prayer, the Hedge Prayer is not a magic bullet. There are no guarantees that the person prayed for will return. We must always remember that God has given his children the freedom to choose -- even the freedom to choose wrongly. No one, not even God, may force a person against their will to do anything. God, however, is a mighty persuader and although He will not intrude upon one's freedom to choose the course of one's own actions, He may provide the person with great incentive, motivation, and circumstances to help them decide to come back to the place they should be. For she said, 'I will go after my lovers, who give me my bread and my water, my wool and my flax, my oil and my drink.' Therefore I will hedge up her way with thorns; and I will build a wall against her, so that she cannot find her paths. She shall pursue her lovers, but not overtake them; and she shall seek them, but shall not find them. Then she shall say, 'I will go and return to my first husband, for it was better with me then than now.' -- Hosea 2:5b-7]
Trusting in the promise that whatever we ask the Father in Jesus' name He will do, I now approach You Father with confidence in Our Lord's words and in Your infinite power and love for me and for [person's name] and with the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, Blessed Archangel Michael, the guardian angels of myself and [person's name] , with all the saints and angels of heaven, and Holy in the power of His blessed Name, as ask you Father to send forth Your Spirit to convict [person's name] and to allow him to see any and all wrongs that he has done and how they offend Your infinite goodness.

Father I ask in sorrow, knowing that You do not intrude upon free will, but that You can give Divine Influence like you did with Hosea's wife, that You send a hedge of thorns and wall around [person's name] so that he cannot find the paths that lead him away from me and our [i.e. friendship, relationship, etc.] ; and though he shall pursue his [i.e. lifestyle, sinful ways, etc.] , he will not [i.e. practice improper lifestyles, engage in sin, etc.] ; though he shall seek [i.e. improper lifestyles, sin, etc.] , he shall not find [i.e. his desired lifestyle, the sin that draws him, etc.] ; that no matter what path or what [i.e. lifestyle, sin, etc.] he seeks he shall not find satisfaction or happiness until he returns to me, his [i.e. friend, girlfriend, parent, etc.] where he may then be taught by Your Holy Spirit the true meaning of [i.e. friendship, family, etc.] , and to be a good and loving [i.e. friend, child, etc.] , and to know the ways of righteousness and true [i.e. friendship, family, etc.] .

Father, I am powerless against these spiritual forces and recognize my utter dependence on You and Your power. Look with mercy upon me and upon [person's name] . Do not look upon our sins, O Lord; rather, look at the sufferings of your Beloved Son and see the Victim who's bitter passion and death has reconciled us to You. By the victory of the cross, protect us from all evil and rebuke any evil spirits who are attacki
I trust God to lead others to Himself through life's circumstances.
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