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Archbishop Niederauer team spinning damage control

It seems highly unlikely that Catholicism at Most Holy Redeemer can be salvaged. One wonders if the parishioners would be tolerant and inclusive of a new, orthodox, pastor. Tolerance never seems to run both ways with dissenters.

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Damage control seems to be the order of the day in the San Francisco Archdiocese since outrage erupted after Archibishop George Niederauer was caught on video giving Holy Communion to two drag queens, members of the infamous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, at Most Holy Redeemer’s (MHR) 10:00 a.m. Mass in the Castro District of San Francisco October 7th.


Subsequently, Diocesan Communications Director, Maurice Healy, has restated the archbishop's apology in numerous interviews with the media.


Meanwhile, a gushing thank-you note from the “Sister Delta Hand” to the MHR community has disappeared from the parish's on-line bulletin (original version: http://www.qdomine.com/images/MHR_bulletin.pdf ) and the calendar of events has been edited to remove upcoming questionable events.  Are all of these actions enough to quell the anger of Catholics in the San Francisco Bay Area?


Many responses to this travesty have been suggested.  Some are asking for Archbishop Niederauer’s removal.  Others would like to see nothing less than MHR overhauled or even completely shut down.  Still others give the benefit of the doubt to the Archbishop, but demand that policies in the diocese be changed.  No matter what action is desired, nobody seems content with the current diocesan response.


Faithful Bay Area Catholics never again want to see the desecration of the Holy Eucharist.  They would like the Archbishop to ban MHR from holding “gay” events in their church hall and from participating in the Gay Pride Parade, the Transgender San Francisco Cotillion, and other activities clearly in conflict with the Catholic Faith.  (See

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