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Catholic media center opens in Israel

Headed by Comboni missionary Rev. Joseph Carramazza, the Holy Land Catholic Communications Centre opens in Jerusalem and will provide information in five languages.

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A Catholic news and information centre has been set up in the Holy Land, headed by Comboni Missionary and former editor of New People magazine in Nairobi, Fr Joseph Caramazza.

The new Holy Land Catholic Communications Centre based in Jerusalem hopes to provide information in five languages - English, Italian, French, Arabic, and Hebrew, according to FIDES.

The agency will provide news and information on the initiatives, life, and activity of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land. It will also serve as a centre for information, coordination and networking among the churches, parishes, and pastoral centers of the various Catholic rites that exist there.

The agency aims to contribute to the spread of reliable reports on the situations in the Holy Land, in response to the Church’s essential mission of announcing the truth.

“This centre is at the service of the various expressions of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land,” said Fr Caramazza.

The web page at www.catcc.net briefly presents the various Catholic churches in the Holy Land (Armenian, Caldean, Maronite, Melkite, Syrian, Greek, and Latin) and offers links to each of their own web pages. It also offers some facts about the main leaders of the local Church. “The archive also contains photos, videos, and audio material on ecclesiastical events in the Holy Land. The service will little by little become an authentic news agency,” said Fr. Caramazza.

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