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Catholic Church and Planned Parenthood, allies?

Organizations funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development joined with Planned Parenthood to form an advertising campaign in favor of universal healthcare called "Health Care for America Now."

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In the summer of 2008, a coalition “of unions, think tanks and other groups” announced a $40 million advertising campaign to lobby for U.S. health-care reform – um, make that universal health care, but not just yet.  Calling itself Health Care for America Now, the coalition includes the Planned Parenthood of America Federation.

Quite a number of Catholic Campaign for Human Development-funded organizations are involved. ACORN – whose locals received over a million dollars in the 2006-2007 grant-period alone – is one. Gamaliel, another Alinskyian network receiving about $355,000 from the CCHD during the same funding period, is another. Numerous local affiliates of USAction, the Center for Community Change, and Jobs for Justice, three other networks, have also received CCHD funding over the years.

Planned Parenthood calls the coalition “unprecedented” and writes in a press release: “By partnering with our colleagues and demanding Health Care for America Now, Planned Parenthood is calling for quality, affordable care we can all count on and a renewed focus on preventive care….more than 17 million women need subsidized family planning services, and there is not enough funding to meet the need.”

Planned Parenthood Federation of America describes itself as “the nation's leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate and provider.” It is also the nation’s largest abortion provider.

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