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Australia: Catholic Church ousts married priest
Wednesday, May 02, 2012
by Spero News

An Australian Catholic priest was removed form his parish by Bishop Anthony Fisher of the Diocese of Parramatta following revelations that the pastor was married. According to Father Kevin Lee, he met his wife in the Philippines and married her in secret in 2011. Speaking on Australian television on May 1, Fr. Lee said
''I've fallen in love and I've got married and it's outside of most people's awareness,'' he said. ''But I'm sure people within the church could have had a suspicion.''

Fr. Lee claimed that admitting that he is married, albeit not in a Catholic sacramental union, was motivated by what he says is the double life led by priests Down Under. ''I think celibacy has to go,'' he said. Bishop Fisher OP has denied the claim that most priests do not honor their vows of chastity and celibacy, while he added the the Church hierarchy did not know about Fr. Lee's double life.  ''As Father Kevin is aware, by his actions he can no longer operate as a priest and as a result I will immediately be appointing an administrator to Padre Pio parish,'' Bishop Fisher said in a statement. Fr. Lee served at Padre Pio parish in Glenmore Park.

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