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Papal changes cause some to ponder End Times
The death of Pope John Paul II and election of Benedict XVI has triggered End Times speculation in some sectors of Christendom
Monday, April 25, 2005
by Spero News

Pope John Paul II recently appeared after his death to warn that we are living in the End Times  -- if you believe the Trumpeter’s Mission.

However, on the Cutting Edge website we learn that Pope John Paul II not only used satanic devices - an upside-down cross – but he, along with recently elected Pope Benedict XVI, sought to usher in a New World Order. For Catholics the “upside-down cross” has no occult meaning, but is instead a symbolic reminder that St. Peter was crucified upside down.

According to a comment by Dan Millar posted February 8, 2005 on the forum labelled sci.geo.earthquakes, “The new Pope will call himself Benedict XVI, and this prophet will explain many mysteries to those with ears that can listen. He truly is Gloriae Olivae.”

According to this same post, this new pope “will be labelled falsely as the Antichrist  by the Scripturally ignorant, and the malicious. He will be forced out of his God-given seat on April 8/05.”

Although it was common knowledge that Pope John Paul II was ailing, no pope died April 8 this year. The name Benedict was a leading choice for a future pope.

End Times theology, as varied as brands of ice-cream, is the belief that Christ will return a second time to earth to set-up a theocracy and the world as we know it will be no more. But before Christ can return several things have to happen, pundits said. However, when they happen is also open to debate. For example, Preterists, and to a degree partial Preterists, believe that most End Times or eschatological events happened during the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

The End Times of the Bible refer to the end of the Jewish Covenantal period

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