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Campus Life magazine to change name in January
Campus Life magazine will become "Ignite Your Faith" magazine, beginning with the January/February 2006 issue
Monday, November 14, 2005
by Spero News

"Campus Life" magazine will become "Ignite Your Faith" magazine, beginning with the January/February 2006 issue, the magazine's publisher Christianity Today International said Monday.

The renaming of the award-winning magazine, for more than 60 years a top publication for Christian teens, is seen by CTI as an opportunity to clarify confusion over its name and reach more readers.

"Over my 20 years with the magazine, I have fielded many questions about our intended audience," says Chris Lutes, the magazine's current editor. "People look at the word 'campus' and often assume it's referring to the college campus. If you read the content of the magazine, it's clear that this publication is created for teen guys and girls."

CTI purchased "Campus Life'' magazine from Youth for Christ in 1982. Founded in 1942 as "Youth for Christ" magazine, the publication's name was changed in 1965 to Campus Life magazine, a name that coincided with YFC's "Campus Life" club ministry to high school students.

"We did not make this decision lightly," says Harold Smith, CTI executive vice-president who oversees the company's 12 publications. "After months of extensive research, we came to the conclusion that "Ignite Your Faith'' was a name that resonated with young readers. We believe the new name will further strengthen an already strong publication."

Lutes says the heart of the magazine remains the same-to help Christian teens apply faith principles to all areas of life. "Teens will find many of the same solid features they've come to trust and love, like our dating advice column, our colorful 'poster' filled with Christian alternatives to mainstream music, and, of course, personal stories from the experiences of fellow teens," Lutes said. "But we've also added new Bible and Faith sections that we believe both Christian teens and youth pastors are going to greatly appreciate. Along with being a lot of fun, we want this magazine to be a solid discipleship tool."

In the first issue under the new banner (January/February 2006), "Ignite Your Faith" will feature these writers and topics, among others:

-- Jarrett Stevens on God and laughter. Stevens is teaching pastor for new generation ministries at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. He also contributes a regular column on "Strange Stories from the Old Testament.''

-- Mark Galli on lust and Jesus' extreme solution. Galli is managing editor of sister publication "Christianity Today'' and author of the upcoming book "Jesus, Mean and Wild.''

The "Campus Life'' name will be retained for four resource guides CTI publishes each year for college-bound teens and their parents. Beginning with the February 2006 guide, the publication will be called "Campus Life's Christian College Guide.'' As in the past, the two publications will continue to be distributed together at a single subscription price of $19.95 per year. The magazine currently has a circulation of more than 100,000.

CTI, co-founded in 1956 by Billy Graham, is the publisher of 12 print and online publications, pastoral and leadership resources, and exclusive online news, community, and publication content and resources.

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