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Dobie Gillis’ lesbian co-star outlaws Mom & Dad?
If a bill introduced to the California legislature (SB1437) becomes law it could remove all references to gender in public schools. Even references to “Mom & Dad” could possibly be removed.
Friday, March 10, 2006
by Michael Westfall
A March 9 story in WorldNetDaily states that if a bill introduced to the California legislature (SB1437) becomes law it could remove all references to gender in public schools. Even references to “Mom & Dad” could possibly be removed. Capitol Resource Institute warns that should the law pass it could possibly require the removal of “husband & wife” as the excepted norm in classroom literature, and gender–neutral bathrooms could become reality. All school activities that exhibit a gender bias like homecoming king and queen could also come under scrutiny.

The bill’s sponsor is California state Senator Sheila James Kuehl. Sen. Kuehl is none other than the lesbian actress who played Zelda Gilroy in the 1950s sit-com “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”, as well as Jackie in “Trouble with Father”, which also starred Stuart Erwin. Kuehl had her own spin-off show called “Zelda” which was cancelled because of rumors about her homosexuality.

In California, Bill AB 606 is another piece of legislation that could give the state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction the power to withhold funding from schools that refuse to promote transexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality.

Neutral gender, no mothers or fathers, and gender-neutral bathrooms? What is going on in America? Would we want our kids sharing a public restroom with opposite sex individuals including strange men who pretend to be women and strange women who pretend to be men? Has America lost its moral compass? Have we forgotten what decency is?

My deceased relatives and neighbors from 50 years ago with their old- fashioned God- fearing small-town values are all rolling over in their graves in the Montrose, Michigan cemetery.

It appears that those who practice homosexuality are intoxicated with recent successes and flaunting it to the point where they believe they now have the power to take over the public school systems and force those who object into private schools. If this pathetic bill passes in California, how long will it be before it makes it to your state? Not long, I would surmise.

The homosexual agenda is able to operate many of its various groups under tax-exempt status, which means that we are all forced to subsidize the issues they deem as important even if we find them abhorrent, disgusting, and damaging to our culture and against our faith.

The people doing this are smart and of course we all know that the real objective is to reach the kids and the next generation.

They know they can’t reach most thinking adults.

We are already allowing the forced mindset of the homosexual agenda, which is vastly different from children’s home values, to be used against our defenseless children. America’s kids are a captive audience and cannot escape this attitude adjustment. To expect our children to promote this contrary lifestyle as normal is offensive in the worst sense and a betrayal by our educational establishment. Already, many school curriculums have educational materials normalizing the lifestyle of those who practice homosexuality. This material discusses how Johnny has two dads…. but no mother or Sally has two mothers …but no dad.

All of this is happening while the Bible, the moral and value foundation of our culture which calls the practice of homosexuality an abomination, is expeditiously drop kicked out of our schools.

For the practice of homosexuality to be considered “normal” in a Christian nation is not possible. It cannot happen. The only way that this practice could ever be considered acceptable is to eliminate the influence of the Bible. To those who think your personal

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