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California state employees healthcare covers only 'medically necessary' abortion

Sep 4, 2014 | Cardinal Newman Society
Gov. Jerry Brown says limiting coverage to 'medically necessary' abortion is discriminatory, but only when applied by private institutions such as Catholic hospitals. There's a double-standard for bureaucrats and citizens in the Golden State.

As Germany remembers victims of Nazi eugenics, America should remember its own

Sep 4, 2014 | Michael Cook
As recounted by author Edwin Black in his book 'War Against the Weak', the pseudo-scientific eugenics craze started in the United States and was taken to its logical terminus in the gas chambers and crematoria of Nazi Germany. We must vow 'Never again.'

Caliphate murders Christian who refused to accept Islam

Sep 3, 2014 | Algemeiner
Salem Matty Georgis, 43, was tortured after escaping from his home in territory controlled by the Caliphate.

For Muslims, is Allah a sadistic ogre?

Sep 1, 2014 | Thomas Collins
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