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Articles from the past 90 days
William Donohue

Jay-Z's 'Family Feud' video falls flat

Jan 2, 2018 | William Donohue
A video trailer is supposed to be a teaser, but in this case it falls flat, leading nowhere. Jay-Z's recently released "Fami ...

The first year of Trump and Obama, compared

Dec 30, 2017 | William Donohue
There may be no issue which shows how far apart President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump are than religious liberty. The following is a chro ...

A Crucified Santa Claus stirs debate in New York City

Dec 19, 2017 | William Donohue
Robert Cenedella's "The Presence of Man," a painting of Santa Claus nailed to the Cross hovering over New York City, is now being displ ...

Hollywood has no problem with sexism, or anti-Christian content

Dec 11, 2017 | William Donohue
Much to the approval of Showtime, women are treated as sexual toys by Hollywood moguls and actors. Indeed, it basks in the sexual exploitation of wom ...

Sexist assaults on Sarah Huckabee Sanders must end

Dec 11, 2017 | William Donohue
Attacks on the White House Press Secretary are a staple of all administrations, but most of the critics respect boundaries: it is okay to challe ...

Hatred of America on display at NYC hearing on historic monuments

Dec 1, 2017 | William Donohue
On November 27, the New York City Mayoral Commission on Art, Monuments, and Markers completed its hearings; they were held in all five boroughs. I te ...

Satanic grinches don't know the meaning of Christmas

Nov 30, 2017 | William Donohue
Every year since the 1950s, San Jose has had a proud record of honoring Christmas with a grand display of Christmas trees. This year, however, a cont ...

The war on American monuments is driven by hate

Nov 28, 2017 | William Donohue
Those waging war on the monuments -- public celebrations of prominent Americans -- assume that history is replete with good guys and bad guys; ...
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